Recode: What you need to know about Apple’s next-generation fire extinguisher, FirePro, and why you should care

Apple is making its next-gen fire extinguishing technology official with the launch of the FirePro X1 and FirePro FirePro 2.

Both products are made by FirePro.

The FirePro series of fire extinguisers are made from materials that are extremely durable, and they have a fire-resistant coating that is designed to last for thousands of hours of continuous use.

Apple has been working on a new fire extinguishable product for years.

The company released the FireSafe in 2009, and it’s a similar product that fires a water-resistant foam.

It can be used to stop fires, and is designed with fire safety in mind.

The FirePro 3, FireSafe 4, and FireSafe 5 are all made from the same high-tech foam material, but the FireFire Pro 6 and FireFirePro 7 are made out of an extremely different material.

These products have been around for years and are the only ones that actually fire a waterproof foam.

When the Fire safe was first announced, we said it was going to be a fire extinguishable product, but we were wrong.

The new FirePro products are still very similar to the Firesafe, with the only difference being the material they’re made out, and the fire-resistance.

The only difference is that they are made using the same FirePro foam, which is a material that is extremely durable.

There are many different types of fire-extinguishing foam, and we’ve seen many fire extinguishment products in the past.

But, we don’t recommend using them for everything.

The foam has a lot of uses in the real world, so it’s important to know how it can help you extinguish a fire, and what you need it for.

Here are the basics of fire and extinguishing foam.

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