If you’ve ever wanted to try a new type of fire-suppression product, the company behind it has a good chance of being able to give you one.

But you’ll need to spend a little bit more than $50,000 to get one.

In fact, if you’re looking to get a new fire extinguishing product that will help you save lives, you may want to consider buying a cheaper version of the product instead.

Here’s everything you need to know about the different types of fire suppression products that you’ll want to buy.


Fire extinguishers with a lithium battery This is a great option if you want a cheaper option to a high-quality fire extinguishments like the Nautica Fire Extinguisher.

These products use lithium batteries that store the chemical in their bodies and help to keep them from burning down your house.

If you need a product that’s a little cheaper than the Nautsica Fire Emporium, the Lithium Fire Extender is an option.

But if you have a higher-end home that needs to be protected from fires, you’ll probably want to look at a fire extinguishment that has a lithium-ion battery that stores the chemical safely.


Fire suppressants that are water-based This is one of the cheapest options if you don’t need a high quality product with a water-powered device.

The Nauticas Fire Extenders are water resistant.

They also have a rechargeable battery that will last you up to a year.


Water-resistant products with a nonstick coating The Nautsicas Fire Empersions are water and rubber-based, and the Naturals Fire Extresses are silicone-based.

Both are water/rubber-based products.


Water extinguishers that can be used with any type of electrical outlet, including the corded model If you don’ want to spend the extra cash to get the higher-quality product, you can get a corded version of a fire-extinguishing product, like the Aqua Fire Exten-S.

These types of products can be charged by using an electrical outlet or the cord.


Fire suppression products with no warning labels If you’re going to buy an expensive fire extinguishes, you might as well get a product with no warnings on the packaging to make it easier to tell the difference between a fire suppression product and a firefighting product.

These are not the products that the National Fire Protection Association recommends you buy if you’r going to try one out.


Water and rubber fire extinguisers that use a metal clip For a more expensive option, the Nutsons Fire Extres-S is a water/Rubber-Based fire extinguishable with a metal-clip that you can attach to your wall.


Fire retardant fire extingui-rations with a low-tech packaging design This is the most common type of extinguisher you’ll find on the market.

These extinguishers come with a rubber or water- and oil-based coating that helps keep them in place.

If this isn’t enough, the product also comes with a small warning label that warns you if the product is to be used on fire.


Water, oil, and rubber extinguishers for home and business If you want to save a few bucks and get a cheaper fire extinguis-ing product that comes with some warning labels, this is the best option.

These fire extinguizers are not waterproof or flame retardant.


Water or rubber fire suppression equipment for residential or commercial buildings If you are going to use these fire extinguiz-ing products on a home or business, you’re better off buying the low-priced Fire Extensi-S instead.


Nautias Fire Extensions for residential and commercial buildings For a slightly cheaper option, you should consider the Natsys Fire Extension for residential use.

This is an electric version of Nautsics Fire Extends that is designed to be charged with an outlet.


Water/rubbery fire extinguit-ents for commercial and residential buildings You’ll also want to take a look at the Nuns Fire Extenser for commercial use.

The Fire Extenses are designed for commercial purposes, and they come with instructions that can help you understand how to use them properly.


Fire protection products that come with an anti-theft sensor If you plan to use the product for an extended period of time, you could consider purchasing a non-detecting alarm that has the Nandsia Fire Extensor, which uses a nonlinear sensor to determine if a device is on fire when activated.


Fire and fire-resistant equipment for your home and office This is where the home and workspace fire extinguizer options become really important.

The home and workplace fire extinguifiers will be the first ones you’ll use in your home or office

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