By Emily MolloyUpdated May 29, 2019 09:53:12The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered the public to switch to fire extinguishing drones by the end of this year.

Fire extinguishers are designed to help prevent aircraft fires, but the FAA has been grappling with the growing use of the devices in residential, commercial, and military environments, where the fires can be very destructive.

According to the FAA, it is now mandatory for all U.S. airspace to include fire extinguishable drones by 2025.

“Aerosols from small aircraft, drones, and other low-flying aircraft are known to be explosive and deadly, and our safety and security are paramount to ensuring the safety and welfare of all people,” said the FAA in a statement.

“Drones have the potential to cause great harm and destruction to people and property.”

The agency said that as of June 30, there were more than 4.7 million fire extinguishable drones in use in the U.s. and more than 300,000 drones registered to individuals and organizations.

The FAA has also ordered the use of more efficient fire extinguisers for drones, the agency said.

Fire fighters in remote areas and remote airports need to be able to quickly access extinguishing equipment, as the drones can cause significant injuries and property damage.

The FAA said the new standard will also allow drones to be used for the purpose of inspecting property without having to land in a building or other area that would otherwise have a fire extinguishment hose.

“We believe these new rules will improve the safety of firefighters in remote and remote locations and reduce injuries and loss of life,” the FAA said.

The new rules, which take effect in 2019, will also require drone operators to have a pilot certificate and have a minimum of five hours of flight experience.

Drones will still be allowed to fly at low altitudes but they will be limited to 30 feet above the ground and at an altitude of 1,000 feet above sea level.

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