In a new video, the Israeli army shows off a new weapon for its halon anti-tank gun that fires a flare-flash, a projectile that produces a loud bang, and can be fired in any direction.

“The main goal of the weapon is to prevent tank penetration and the movement of vehicles,” the army’s media officer, Lieutenant Colonel Benny Golan, tells a camera.

“And it has a very low muzzle velocity.” “

Halon is an Israeli-made anti-armor weapon developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. “

And it has a very low muzzle velocity.”

Halon is an Israeli-made anti-armor weapon developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

It is designed to defeat armoured targets in both direct hits and indirect fire.

The military says it has used it against Hamas targets in Gaza, but has not said how it has done so.

The army says it also uses the gun in “humanitarian” operations, where it is used to protect Israeli soldiers who are trying to stop illegal Palestinian rocket launches from Gaza into Israeli territory.

Israel says the new anti-rocket launcher is used in its operations against the Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip, including Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and other armed groups.

Israel’s military has used a range of different types of anti-aircraft weaponry, from land-based rockets and mortars, to sea-based anti-ship missiles.

It says it will soon be able to use them against Hamas.

The Palestinian side says the weapon has been used by Israel to target civilian homes and civilian infrastructure in the occupied West Bank, including the southern city of Hebron.

It has also used it to target Israeli soldiers and civilian civilians in the northern Gaza Strip.

Hamas says the anti-mortar weapon is meant to hit Hamas fighters.

It launched rockets into Israel from Gaza in July last year, after the army declared an end to the fighting and a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Israel said at the time it was using the anti, land- and sea-launched weapon against Hamas fighters and their infrastructure.

Hamas, however, has rejected the claims.

It accused Israel of using the weapon to target its armed wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, and said it was not responsible for the deaths of any Israeli soldiers.

“Hamas has not used the weapon and it will not use it,” said Fawzi Barhoum, the spokesman for Hamas, in a statement.

This is an attempt to destroy Hamas, as we have not used it in the last five years.”

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