A pilotless helicopter that can help firefighting crews in India, a new article by CNN India The Air Force’s unmanned drone is an amazing, futuristic invention, but how will it help save lives in India?

That’s the question posed by an Air Force research officer as he sat in the cockpit of a helicopter for the first time in two months on a mission to investigate how to save Indian lives during the heat of the day.

The drone is part of a program called Indus River Challenge, which aims to understand how to help people in the Indian Himalayas who are trapped by landslides or floodwaters.

Indus River, one of the most iconic rivers in the world, is one of many that flow into the Ganges River, which has a capacity to overflow in the worst cases.

Indians have been battling an outbreak of the coronavirus that’s also killing thousands, and a lack of water and sanitation.

The pandemic has also made roads dangerous for hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to get to work in the capital, New Delhi.

The air force’s drone is the first of its kind, a modified helicopter that is powered by an engine that runs on diesel fuel.

The pilot of the helicopter has to navigate with the aid of the onboard navigation system, which uses radar and a gyroscope to guide him.

He can also control the helicopter remotely by using a remote control and an on-board camera.

The unmanned helicopter was originally supposed to take off from a military base in the southern Indian state of Assam and fly for two hours and 40 minutes to collect firefighting equipment and then land in the valley.

However, it was later decided to fly in a small area in the foothills of the Himalayes.

The pilot of this helicopter can fly at up to 5,000 feet altitude, and can fly the aircraft for about 30 minutes, before landing in a dry riverbed.

The drone can land in any location on the Ganga River, with the help of ropes and other gear, and will carry up to 1,000 pounds of equipment.

Indus river, the world’s longest, is the largest river in the Himalayan region, and has been a cause of concern for Indians for decades.

According to the United Nations, its waters are about a third of the size of the Mississippi River.

A pilotless vehicle will be used to survey the water level and to find the source of flooding, and then the pilot will control the vehicle by using remote control, while the helicopter will fly at a low altitude and keep a low speed.

The helicopter will be able to fly over water for up to 10 minutes before dropping to a lower altitude and then landing in dry river bed.

This is crucial because the water is too shallow to be navigated easily.

The helicopter can also be used for emergency operations, and firefighting operations, like to rescue people trapped in flooded homes.

The Air Corps, in charge of the program, said it will evaluate the feasibility of pilotless aircraft in India and develop plans for how to deploy it.

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