A few years ago, my wife and I were renting an apartment in downtown Los Angeles.

She was an art teacher and I was an artist.

She had a collection of vintage fire extinguishing kits that she loved, but I wanted something with a few features I liked.

The best one was the Dot Fire Extinguisher.

We had it installed in our apartment, and my wife had to use it once every week or two to keep the place safe.

I was a bit skeptical, but it worked for her.

And it was fun to build it.

A few months later, when she and I moved to another building, she decided to upgrade her house.

So she bought the Dot, and I bought the Fire Extenser.

I’m glad we did.

We built the Dot as a project, and it ended up taking me about two years to complete.

My wife loved the Dot for its simple simplicity.

I loved the Fire Energizer because it had a few more features I like.

I also found that the Fireextinguisher Cat worked better for me.

I could get it to work in less than a week, and after that, I didn’t have to think much about it.

Plus, the Dot has an integrated safety system, so if there were an incident, I could have a kit in my hand and be in the right place.

The Dot has a lot of features, and we really liked the Dot when it first came out.

But it did come with a price tag.

For one thing, you’ll need to buy a $10,000 kit to make it, and you’ll also have to spend $400 on a new Fire Extender if you want to use the Cat for a couple of weeks.

But if you buy the FireExtinguisher, you can buy a replacement kit for $100.

So the FireEnergizer is a great investment, and the FireElec is an inexpensive alternative that can save you money over time.

But you can also use the Fireelec to build your own fire extinguishes.

How do I build a fire extinguish kit?

You’ll need: A box with a flat bottom to hold your extinguishers

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