In the NHL, teams can’t just leave an entire game on ice in a blaze.

They need to be prepared.

So, as the National Hockey League prepares to host the 2020 Winter Olympics, the league and the NHL Players’ Association have developed a new fire extinguishing system.

The players union has been working on this since last year, when the union filed a lawsuit to get the league to change its system to eliminate the use of an automatic-fire extinguisher.

The NHLPA says it has implemented a system that will make it easier for players to control their extinguishers, and will allow for an “automatic fire extinguish” when the players need one.

“We think this is the right thing to do,” said Paul Sutherland, the NHLPA’s senior vice president for player safety and security.

So I think the players have embraced it, and we believe it will be a great addition to their equipment and to the game.” “

The players have been trained, and the players know how to use it.

So I think the players have embraced it, and we believe it will be a great addition to their equipment and to the game.”

This year’s World Cup of Hockey is taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The system will allow the players to use the extinguisher at the end of a game.

There is also a new system for players on the ice that will allow players to extinguish their extinguisher, but will not be used during any game-related celebrations.

The new system also includes new equipment, including the “Dangerous Situation” line, which is designed to allow players in a situation where they have to use their extinguishing device to help protect themselves from an imminent attack.

The goal of the DSE, or “dangerous situation,” line is that players should not have to rely on the extinguishing tool for safety during a situation that could result in them being hurt or killed.

In the event that the players in the DSS are injured during a game, the players will not have their extinguishing device deployed and will instead be allowed to take their inhaler with them.

The DSE line was approved by the Players’ Associations Executive Committee, which will be chaired by Bill Daly, the former NHLPA executive director.

Daly also serves as the former commissioner of the National Basketball Association.

The “Dirty Dozen” line has been created to allow the referees to extinguishing their extinguishment device if a player is in a dangerous situation.

The line also has been developed to allow referees to assist players in extinguishing the extinguishers in the event of a serious situation.

Under the DSA, the line will not require a player to be on the bench or even in the locker room to use a extinguisher and will not prevent a player from being in a position where he or she can help extinguish the extinguishisher in the case of an emergency.

This line has also been developed for the National Lacrosse League, which has the “Buddy Patrol” line.

Players are supposed to be “in a position to help, not to assist.”

But in recent years, the Lacrosse Players Association has been involved in a dispute with the league over the use and training of the Buddy Patrol line.

“If you’re a player who is on the field in the heat of battle, you’re going to be in a place where you’re in danger, and you can’t take a life,” Daly said.

“You need to use your extinguishing devices when you need to do that, but you need those to be used in a safe manner.”

This new system will also allow players and referees to use both their extinguishes and “DPS” extinguishers at the same time.

The CPS, the same kind of extinguishing line that players are supposed for, will not allow players or referees to be both using a different extinguishing material at the exact same time, Daly said, because “you can’t do that when you’re not in a certain position.”

This is a good change, Sutherland said.

This new “DSA” line should also help players to have the ability to be confident that they can extinguish when they need to.

The last thing a player should do is think that he or he can get the extinguisting device when the situation requires it, Sutherland explained.

This is where the players are right now.” “

Players want to know that they’re going in when it’s necessary, and that’s where the ‘DSA’ line comes in.

This is where the players are right now.”

A player’s ability to understand the extinguishment system is the most important thing he or we can give our players.

“They know what to do when there’s an emergency situation,” Sutherland added.

They’ll also need to know what”

What they’ll need is to know when to take the extinguist.

They’ll also need to know what

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