A new Cintas brand of fire extinguishers is being tested in the US and is being installed in several US cities to help prevent wildfires from spreading further.

Cintas is the world’s biggest maker of fire-suppression equipment, with a market share of over 40 per cent.

The company says the new fire extinguishment system will not only help reduce the spread of fires but also help save lives.

Cinthian Ntokozo, vice-president of global sales, said the fire extinguishing system will help prevent fires from spreading and save lives as it is designed to work independently.

“The fire extinguishes from the extinguisher itself.

There is no power or a pressure point so there is no need for a pressure sensor.

It has been designed to be self-healing, so it can work independently and there are no environmental impact,” Mr Ntoka told the ABC.

Citgo has been testing fire extingui­sions in the United States since September, and has installed about 300 fire extinguifers in the states.

“We are confident that the new model we are testing here in the States will offer us the best value, the most effective fire suppression, as it can deliver immediate fire suppression with the least impact on the environment,” Mr Nu­go said.

“It’s been designed so that there’s no power required, so we are able to deliver immediate suppression without any external input from our environment.”

In the United Kingdom, the company is also testing a new model of its Cintos fire extinguiser.CITGO is also running tests in Canada.

Cuntas, which is owned by Mitsubishi Motors, has already installed the first model of Cinta’s fire extinguish­ment system in the country.

The fire suppression system, which uses a pressure valve, works by releasing a chemical to help stop fire from spreading, and can be installed in the same manner as any other fire extinguiz­ment.

The new Cuntas fire suppression systems will be tested in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Miami, Washington, and the US Virgin Islands.

Ciara Foy, chief operating officer for Citgo, said while the company had tested its new model, it was still working on the fire-resistance technology.

“At this time we are not in a position to provide an update to our customers,” she said.

The US Department of Agriculture says the system can save lives and reduce the number of fires by preventing “fire-spreaders” from spreading more quickly.

The department has also launched a crowdfunding campaign to help fund tests.

Cities in the U.S. and Canada have been testing the new CIntas fire-removal system since the start of September.

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