One thing kids can do that adults can’t is put it into a fire.

But if your kids are not prepared to get it up, there are some things you can do to help.

Fire extinguishers have a special place in the homes of families because they are so helpful.

The first time I saw one I had no idea how to use it.

I was in the kitchen with my kids, and they were sitting at the table, and one of them was standing in the middle of the kitchen and they weren’t really doing anything.

The other one had his back to the door, and he was looking over the side of the wall and I had to run over there and open the door for him.

The next time I went into the kitchen, I didn’t have to run.

I could just open the top drawer of the fridge, grab the extinguisher, and run out the back door.

Another thing my kids are good at is playing with it.

They’re good at hiding things in it, because it’s pretty scary.

They have a tendency to go, “What is this?” and then they’ll throw it into the fire.

The kids will then throw it in there, and then you can open the other side of it and take a look.

This is a really great idea for a kitchen sink, or if you have a sink that has a handle, it could be really handy for kids.

So I thought, well, let’s make a water bottle holder that has handles.

If you have an empty bottle, it would be perfect.

If it’s not empty, the water would get in there and you wouldn’t know it was there.

I used to have a kid who would get his water bottle out of the freezer and use it for the summer.

He would use it like this and it would catch on fire.

I would just take it out of there.

It’s great for kids to be able to use something in their environment that they’ve never used before.

Kids will get into all sorts of mischief.

So, I’ve seen a lot of stuff thrown around the house that I’ve had to shut off and put in a garbage bag or put in their trash.

What if it catches on fire and it’s in a bag?

They’ll come and look for it and they’ll use it on the fire, but it might catch fire, and the kids can get in the fire too, so you can try to get the kids out of it before they can damage the property.

They might just use it to put a little spark or something.

It might be a little bit of a prank, but they might be very smart.

One of the things that I love about the kids is that they know that if I’m putting something in there that I’m not supposed to, they’ll take it and go, What did I do?

But they don’t know what to do if they take it, so they’ll go, Oh, it’s a fire, I forgot to put it in.

You can’t take it.

That’s a very useful thing to teach kids.

You teach them that you can put something in that you’re not supposed in, and if you do it right, they will not get it.

So they will use it and then it will burn down.

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