The first-person shooter Lego has introduced a new type of explosive called a fire extinguishers, which explode when you throw them.

You can buy them in a series of Lego sets starting at $99, and the first one you can buy in 2019 is the Fireman.

It features a small bomb on the end that can be picked up by players as a shield, and it can be set to a different setting depending on the game.

Fireman can also be used in a limited-time mode, but there’s no word on when or where this will be released.

You will need a Fireman to set it to the “safe” setting.

You’ll also need to purchase the Fire Man armor and shield to use the Firemans, which come in a variety of colors and designs.

The Fireman, however, will only work with Lego games.

The game’s first release is a set called Lego City, which features eight characters and eight Lego sets, each with a theme.

Each set also includes a Fire Man, which is a mini-bomb with a small explosion when it explodes.

This set has also been released on Lego Play.

The other Lego City set comes in the Fire Fighter, which can be used to throw fireballs or to defend yourself from falling debris.

In 2020, Lego will release a LEGO City set called The City, but that’s a limited release, as Lego Play will only be available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The set is $79.99.

LEGO City Play will also be released for the Fire and Fireman sets.

The LEGO Fireman set is limited-edition, and there are a limited number of the sets, with only 200 of each available.

These will come in three colors, as well as a black version.

You need a LEGO Fire Man to set this to the safe setting.

Lego Fireman is not available on the Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo has announced plans to add Fireman support for Nintendo Switch games in the future.

The Nintendo Switch is coming in 2018.

Lego City is available on both Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

The first game in the Lego City series is The Firefighter.

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