A new report suggests it’s not always a good idea to train a fire extinguishing robot to handle an emergency.

The report by the B.I.A. Fire and Emergency Response Branch suggests that training fires is often the wrong thing to do.

“The reason we do that is because in most of these situations, there are very few scenarios where there’s no other way to do it,” says Mark Munk, the deputy chief of the B,I.C., Fire Service.

“In a disaster situation, we’re in a place where we can’t really provide our own training.”

In the case of the fire extinguishment training, the report says, a trained robot will usually be the right choice, even though it may not be the best choice.

“It may be the safest option,” says Munk.

“And if the robot doesn’t do it, it may be a cost-saving option.”

He says that in the worst-case scenario, an individual trained to extinguish a fire might do it without ever touching the fire.

The B.A.’s report says the fire suppression system can be as complex as the fire itself, and that in some cases, the systems are more complex than they appear.

Munk says the report does not make any recommendations about the specific training of an extinguisher robot, but says, “I would say that in most situations, it’s probably best to do that.

It’s a good system, and we should use it.

It should be safe.”

But he says, in the case where a robot is the best option, it should only be used when there is an imminent fire or in situations where there is no other alternative.

The main problem, he says with a trained fire extinguish robot, is that the robot can be too slow.

“In a scenario like a wildfire, there’s nothing like a full-blown, real-time fire to slow down the robot,” he says.

“And if you do that, it could take a lot longer for the robot to extinguishes the fire, and you could potentially get yourself in trouble.”

But if a trained extinguisher can be a useful tool in the firefighting effort, he adds, it might be worth it.

“There’s a lot of benefits to training your robot,” Munk says.

“It might be the most effective thing that you can do.

It could save lives.”

He adds that if a fire is approaching, the best thing to use is a fire truck, or a firefighter with a fire-fighting gear.

“If there’s a fire coming from outside the home, a robot might be a better option,” he adds.

“If you can get that robot to go down, you’re probably better off just going up to the fire and taking the fire out.”

Munk suggests that when people train their fire extinguishable robot to do the job, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to have a little more training.

“We should have that training so we can do it safely and effectively,” he advises.

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