I had an idea that people would be looking for fire extinguisers for their home and they would not necessarily look for a fire extinguishing system that was rated for homes.

I decided that I wanted to build a little home extinguisher.

The idea came from the idea that I was building an extinguisher to use when I had a house fire.

The home fire would be a little bit hotter and the smoke would be very toxic.

So I wanted a fire that would be safe for the people who were there and to make sure that everyone was safe.

I wanted the fire extinguish all the way through.

I would have an air hose that would hose the extinguisher right out.

So the first idea I had was to build an air pump.

That would have a hose attached to it that would pull the air out of the system and then the air hose would push that out the front of the house.

Then I wanted something that would not leak.

So that would have some sort of seal, a kind of liner, that would keep the air from leaking out.

That’s the first design I thought of.

And then I thought about, I can do that because I can just attach a hose to it and I can pull the hose out and the hose goes right to the front.

And the second idea that came to me was, well, I don’t have a home.

I’m a college student.

So you have to make a decision.

What do I do with the energy I have in the house?

I don,t have a fire hose.

And so the third idea was, you know, you have all these appliances and you have a lot of power, but you don’t know what kind of energy is in them.

And I thought, well if there’s an energy, you can make a fire.

And if there is an energy that I can make fire, I’ll go ahead and make it.

And that’s when I thought I’d build a fire detector.

That was when I started looking into the different types of fire detectors that people had.

So a lot more research came up.

I looked into a few different types, and then I started to build one.

I actually started by doing a search for a few of the products, and I found this company called L’Occitane.

I had never heard of it, but they’re a well-known fire-resistance company.

And they have an amazing product called the Ozone Shield.

And Ozone is an ozone sensor.

So it detects the ozone.

It’s very good at detecting ozone.

And it’s a good product.

It would be good at fighting smoke and carbon monoxide, so it would work well in a home or office setting.

So then I had the idea to build something to put on top of the ozone sensor that would detect carbon monotony.

And to make that happen, I would need a carbon monodirectional sensor, so I would use the infrared.

So instead of having infrared, I wanted infrared and infrared light.

And infrared light is not very good for detecting carbon mononotony, so this was a good way to make it work.

I thought that the infrared light would be great.

And because it’s infrared, it’s not visible.

So in the infrared, you would not see it.

But in the IR, it would be visible.

I then added a couple of different sensors, because I thought this is really going to make this work.

The first one is a little LED that I built that has the infrared sensor.

And when you turn the light on, you see the light.

It tells you what temperature it’s at.

And there are LEDs that go into the circuit and have infrared sensors.

So when you pull the infrared sensors out, you get infrared light that you can see.

And this light is also very good.

It can detect carbon, so you can use it to make fire.

So now I had this very inexpensive system.

So there’s no heat or electricity involved, so the system is very portable.

And now I built this little house fire detector that I put on my back porch.

I put it on the back porch because it was the only place I could put it.

So on the way to work, I had to get out the little infrared detector.

And as I was coming back to my car, I just pulled up the light sensor and I turned it on.

And by the time I was driving, I could see the infrared coming in through the glass.

I can see it on my front windshield, which I love.

I love how you can still see it even though it’s only in the back.

And also, because the infrared is so bright, it shows up pretty clearly.

So people can see you when you’re driving, even if they’re looking out the window.

It also goes

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