A training video for the first-responders who can use fire-extinguisher systems is coming out this week.

Recode has obtained the training video, which you can watch below.

It shows firefighters using fire extinguishing systems to battle an inferno at the fire station in New York City, in a video that was recorded by an instructor at a training facility in California.

Fire extinguishers are basically small portable, reusable extinguishers that are used to contain fires.

It’s a technique that is becoming increasingly popular with emergency responders.

Recoded contacted a spokesperson for the National Fire Protection Association, which is the trade group that represents the firefighting community, but they did not immediately respond.

Recodes first reported the existence of the training on Friday, March 3.

The video shows the first responders using fire-suppression systems to help extinguish an infernal blaze in New Jersey.

The footage was recorded in September 2016 and was taken by a fire department training facility, according to Recode.

In it, the first responders are shown moving through the scene, as they can see the flames and smoke coming from the building, the dispatcher is saying, “The fire is on the ground, the fire department has the extinguisher, the smoke is going away.”

The first responders are then shown using their extinguishers to keep the fire from spreading and trying to contain the blaze.

The fire department’s training video is titled “A Firefighter Uses Fire Extinguishers To Defeat An Infernal Fire in New NJ.”

In the video, the firefighters in the video are shown using a foam extinguisher to put out the flames that are coming from a burning building.

“If there’s smoke, it’s going to be a lot of smoke,” the first responding firefighter says.

“And it’s just a matter of knowing what you’re going to do to put the fire out.”

A spokesperson for NFPA confirmed to Recodes that the training material was released on March 3 and that the video was not part of a promotional campaign.

“This is a training video to help first responders who are in the field,” the spokesperson said.

“They don’t have any commercial product on the market that can help them with fire suppression.

They can use a little bit of common sense to protect themselves and their equipment.”

The video, however, was first reported by Recode on March 2.

In the first few minutes of the video there is a lot going on.

The first responder says “I’m ready to go.”

The firefighter says “Go!” and fires off a foam nozzle.

The second firefighter says, “We’re getting out of here.

You’ve got to stay out there and let the fire spread.”

The fire extinguish canisters are not shown in the footage.

The firefighter who takes the video says in the final minutes, “You need to stay back, we need to get out.”

“You got to be on your toes,” the firefighter says to the dispatcher, as the dispatcher warns, “Do not run.”

The footage ends with a firefighter saying, “[the dispatcher] needs to get a smoke signal to let us know the fire is out.”

The second video is much shorter and has a much more focused focus on the firefighter.

The last few seconds of the clip show the firefighters using their fire extinguishes to put down the fire.

The dispatcher tells the firefighter, “There’s smoke coming out.”

When the firefighter is finished, he says, “[I’m] going to put it out.”

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