The average fire extinguishing system is about $500 to $1,000.

But you can save $600 to $900 on the cost of the first two systems, according to a report by the Consumer Federation of America.

The cost of fire extinguishments can vary depending on your age, how much you need, and what kind of equipment you need to extinguish the fire, the report said.

You can also choose from more than 50 different styles of fire suppressants, and each has different performance ratings.

Fire extinguishers are the most popular type of fire suppression, accounting for more than a third of the U.S. market.

The report found that the average cost of a fire suppression system is more than $1 million, and some systems can cost up to $20 million.

The average cost for the second type of extinguisher is $750, according the report.

“The average system cost for a typical fire suppression is more like $3,000 to $4,000, so you’re probably better off getting the second option,” said John T. Miller, the president and CEO of the CFA, in a statement.

The CFA has been advocating for better fire suppression systems, which it says are less expensive than those used in other industries.

The agency has also recommended that fire suppression units be equipped with automatic sprinkler systems that would prevent a sprinkler from working in a blaze if there are no sprinklers in place.

The fire extinguishment industry has been facing a firefighting shortage in recent years, as companies and cities have tried to make firefighting more effective, according a CFA report.

Firefighting equipment has also been used in accidents that killed dozens of firefighters and others in other ways, according with the CFPB.

The most common cause of an accidental fire was a faulty sprinkler system.

A sprinkler that is not properly installed, or that fails, can result in an explosion that can destroy homes and businesses.

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