A new type of fire extinguishers made from plastics is helping Canada’s wildfire victims to fight back

A new fire extinguishing material designed to reduce the heat generated by a wildfire by 50 per cent has helped Canada’s wildfires fight back, with fire chiefs saying it could save thousands of lives.

The material, made from recycled plastics, was developed by the Canadian government and is being tested in Saskatchewan.

It was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the federal government agency responsible for the development of firefighting technology.

Firefighters have been using it to fight a blaze in southern Saskatchewan’s Little Prairie region that destroyed homes and caused $250 million in damages.

“We’re talking about millions of dollars,” said Mike Sorensen, an assistant fire chief with the Saskatchewan Emergency Management Agency.

With the material, firefighters can use their fire extinguishers to quickly extinguish a blaze before flames get out of control.

But it’s also a significant risk to the public, said Mark Rochon, chief of the Department of Fire Protection in Prince Edward Island.

That’s because the material is made of plastic and can be easily contaminated with chemicals and other contaminants, which can damage the firefighting equipment.

For years, the fire service has been trying to develop a firefighting material that can safely withstand fire and chemicals.

So, after a number of studies, they came up with a fire retardant that has a similar property to plastic.

They also developed a flame retardant, called Nitex, to protect firefighters in their fires.

Nitex has proved to be a winner in the fires in Canada, and the company has been working on it for several years.

This material is designed to be very safe for firefighters.

But it’s important to note that it’s made from plastic and is susceptible to chemical contamination.

Its not perfect yet, but it’s an example of fire retardants that can be manufactured safely and are good for firefighters, said Michael Gagnon, the chief executive officer of Nitefirm, which developed the material.

What it is: The Nitebrite material has been designed to minimize the heat produced by a fire by 50-per-cent, making it less effective than traditional fire extinguisers.

It is a new type that has been developed for use in firefighting.

Where it is used: In Saskatchewan, it’s being tested by firefighters.

It has been approved by government agencies and is now being tested and used in a number more firefighting fires across the province.

How it works: NITEBrite has a low heat conductivity.

It’s a rubber-like material that has good resistance to heat and chemicals, making Niteais a good material for firefighting, said Gagnons spokesman, Scott McLeod.

In addition, it has good thermal conductivity, which means it absorbs heat.

According to NiteX, it also has low water vapor absorption.

It absorbs heat and water vapour, making the material more effective than other materials for fighting fires, said McLeod, who also is the executive vice president of NITEX.

Canadians have been looking for fire retardancy for decades.

In 1984, a fire in Quebec killed three people and caused nearly $1 billion in damage.

Then, in 1989, a large wildfire burned over 150,000 acres of Alberta and destroyed the oil industry.

A second large fire in Manitoba in 2006 caused an estimated $2 billion in damages and destroyed more than 100,000 homes.

Now, firefighters in Saskatchewan are using NiteeX as a first line of defense against wildfires.

Why it’s a good thing: Fire retardant is important for fighting wildfires because it’s more effective.

But when you’re fighting a fire that has the potential to spread to the perimeter of your home, and you’re not getting a lot of protection from other sources, it can be more difficult to control.

Firefighters in Saskatchewan have seen a lot more damage due to fires in recent years, especially in northern Saskatchewan.

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