A new video shows how the silver fire extinguishing device has the potential to save lives and prevent fire damage.

In the video, a woman is seen running away from a house fire, and then, in a flash, a fire extinguish the flames that quickly engulfs the home.

She is seen pulling the extinguisher out of the burning home and quickly putting it back in the extinguishers receptacle.

A video of the incident is posted to YouTube by a Redditor.

 A quick look at the video reveals that the silver extinguisher is a newer version of the popular silver fire hose that has a long history.

In fact, the silver Fire extinguisher was introduced in 2012.

The silver Fire hose is often used to extinguish fires in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

It is made by Dyson, the same company that manufactures the Fire extinguishers used by many fire departments across the world.

The newer Fire extinguishing devices, which have been used in many places in recent years, have been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in public places.

The EPA approved the use of these devices in 2013.

The EPA has made the decision to allow these devices on public property to protect people and property.

The fire department has been using the silver, fire extinguishable devices since 2013.

In 2016, the city of Portland, Oregon, adopted the fire extinguished silver firehose as standard equipment for its fire department.

The city of Flint, Michigan, adopted a policy in 2015 to allow the use silver and silver fire hoses for all of its fire departments.

However, the policy is not yet in effect for the city’s fire departments in Flint.

The policy states that all fire departments are encouraged to use the silver and fire hose, but they are not required to.

The city is also allowing residents to buy the silver or silver fire hydrants, which are not currently available in the city.

According to the American Firefighting Association, the Silver Fire hose was approved for use by the agency in 2016, but not in 2019, which is when the city was considering the policy change.

Fire departments in many other places around the country are following the same policy and are not being required to use this new device.

Fire departments in other parts of the world are following suit, and it is not uncommon for fire departments to be using these devices to extinguishes fires.

In 2018, the British Fire Service decided to not use silver fire suppression hoses on its own.

The reason for this decision was that the devices were not approved by fire departments as standard fire extinguishment equipment.

The British Fire and Rescue Service said the silver hose was not approved for the British fire service because it does not meet the criteria for being used as standard standard fire equipment.

A report from the International Fire Protection Association (IFPA) found that in 2017, fire departments worldwide used more silver fire suppressors than silver hoses.

In total, there were 1,853 silver fire rescue hoses, of which 569 were approved for sale.

In the video above, you can see the woman pull the extinguishing hose out of a burning home.

As you can clearly see in the video that is on YouTube, the fire in the home is not hot enough to cause a fire.

The extinguishing agent, silver, is also not as strong as silver fire hydrant.

This is why the silver is used, as a fire retardant, instead of silver fire spray.

You can see a silver fire sprinkler on the ground below the woman, which will not stop a fire from starting.

The silver hose is not the only silver fire control device currently being used by fire services in the U., Europe, Japan, and Australia.

The United States is currently the only country in the world to allow people to purchase the silver silver firefighting hoses in 2017.

Fire department officials in California are also considering the use or sale of the silver hose.

Fire departments across Europe are considering the new silver Fire hoses and the fire suppressor as well.

The European Union is working to regulate the use and use of the fire hosing.

In June, the EU’s National Committee for Fire and Building Safety and the European Commission voted in favor of banning the use, sale, or use in certain cases of silver and black hoses as fire suppression.

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