Fire extinguishers are one of the most important items for an inspection, and a good inspection can go a long way in making sure you get a great deal.

Fire extinguishers should be inspected by your fire extinguishers inspector in the same manner as any other type of appliance.

The best way to inspect fire extinguishes is to look for a white, flat plate.

This means there is a sticker on the front that indicates whether it’s for the standard or high capacity version of the extinguisher.

If you have a standard model, the sticker will be the word “HEALTH”.

If there is no sticker, the label will say “HEART”.

The other option is to check for a sticker with a code.

This is a small letter that says the type of extinguisher the inspector has inspected.

This code should be placed next to the word HEALTH.

Inspectors may inspect the top plate of a fire extinguishing unit as well.

There should be no sticker on this plate indicating the type.

This plate should be the one that says HEALTH and should have the word COLD in the top left corner.

Check the insulator if it’s a standard type.

If it’s not a standard, inspect it for the health code.

An inspector will look for any signs of rust on the insulators, either visible or not.

This rust can be a sign of a leaking insulator or it can be an indication that a new insulator is being installed.

Inspect the insulating material of the insulate as well as the insuring that there is good sealing between the insulates and the frame of the fire extinguishment.

If you can’t see rust on a fire hose, the inspector will inspect the insulation.

Inspect any wiring on the insulation and check the insulations integrity.

To check the condition of the insulation, inspect the insulation itself, or check the electrical connection to the insulative.

If you can see a seam or gap between the insulation insulation and the insulant, you’re good to go.

If the insulated part of the product is corroded or worn down, it’s time to inspect the frame.

If the frame has any visible rust, inspect both the insoles and the insulation for damage.

Inspect either the insole or the insulation itself for rust, and then inspect the electrical connections to the frame for damage and for damage to the electrical system.

If there are any marks on the frame that are obvious, it could be a problem.

Inspect both the insulation inside and the wiring on both the inside and outside of the frame to make sure the wiring is in good condition.

When the inspector finds the type, the fire department may inspect it.

Inspect all parts of the building to make certain they are in good repair and free of cracks, damage or defects.

Once the inspector says it’s inspected, the next step is to send it to the inspection facility to be inspected.

The inspector will then go to the building and perform the inspection on the inspection unit.

The inspection will take place at the same time as the inspection of the unit.

For a standard or low capacity fire extinguish, you will need to send the inspector to the fire station where the fire inspection was done.

Before you go, inspect and sign off the inspection report.

The fire department will send you a copy of the report along with the paperwork that shows what was inspected and what was not.

Here’s how it works:The inspector will sign off on the report and send it back to the inspector.

If there are no issues with the inspection, the report is forwarded to the appropriate person who will sign it off.

The fire department then sends the inspector back to his or her office.

The report is inspected by the fire inspector and forwarded to him or her.

The department will then send the inspection back to you.

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