Fire extinguisher weighs a ton and looks like a real fire extinguiser

Fire extinguishers are pretty standard, but now they are getting an even heavier look.

The American Civil Liberties Union of California filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the fire extinguishers, Halguard, saying that they were using images of actual fire extinguishing machines in a promotional video that shows the product as a “full-size, fully functional, real fire-fighting fire extinguishment machine.”

The fire extinguishments in the video were made by a company called AequaFire, which is based in the Netherlands.

The fire-suppression products are made by several companies in the United States, including FireStick, which makes an extinguisher called the Fire Sticks Fire Extinguisher and the Fire Extending System.

According to the suit, the company also makes fire extinguishes and fire-extinguishing products in several other countries.

In addition to the lawsuits filed by the ACLU and FireSticks, Halgard Fire Supplies also sued the company for violating the California Public Utilities Commission’s anti-competitive firefighting rules.

The commission said the company could not advertise that its products were “non-functional, non-valuable, and non-purchaseable,” and it also said that the products were not “approved or required by law for use in California, even if such product is used for fire prevention.”

Aequa Fire Supplements also told the California public utilities commission that the product would be “a liability protection against liability for misuse and misuse,” the complaint said.

Aequas company is also suing the California Department of Consumer Affairs and the Department of Public Health and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the complaint added.

The suit is the latest skirmish between the government and fire companies over the use of fire extinguishable products.

The EPA has banned the use and sale of fire-resistant fabric and a new law is set to ban fire-retardant fabric in products made for firefighting.

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