When a fire breaks out, firefighters typically use extinguishers and water.

But sometimes the hose is cut off.

If that happens, you’ll need to get the hose back.

Here are the steps to using the hose you lost in a wildfire:1.

Find out what water is in your carIf you’re lucky, the hose will be attached to a fire extinguishers hose.

If you’re not, use a hose clamp.2.

Find a fire hose hoseIf you don’t have a fire engine, find a hose.

The hose clamp will allow you to get inside your vehicle without damaging it.3.

Take a look at the hose clamp and hose you’ve foundIt’s important to note that the hose can’t be opened to see if it’s watertight.

The clamp is meant to help you open the hose and get inside the vehicle.4.

Carefully remove the hoseIf your hose is a hose, it’ll have a handle on it.

You’ll want to carefully remove the handle to ensure that it doesn’t fall out of the clamp.5.

Open the hoseClamp the hose handle to the inside of the vehicle and use the clamp to open the valve.6.

Carelessly remove the clamp7.

Let the hose dryThe hose is now ready to be used.8.

Clean the hose with a hosebrushClean your hose with water, which can be stored in a bucket or container.

Wash it with a mild detergent or soap.

Apply a soft cloth towel or wipe it down with a damp cloth.

You can also try using a sponge.

Do not use hot water to wash the hose.9.

Apply your hoseThe hose should look like this.

It’s important that you apply the hose on the inside surface of the fire, not the outside.

You’ll want a towel-sized area on each end of the hose to hold it in place.

The water should flow out the outside end.

The water should also be fairly evenly distributed.

If the hose drips all over the vehicle, it’s time to take it out.

Once the hose has been dried, it should look this:It should look clean and ready to use.

It’ll be nice to have the hose handy in the future, especially if your vehicle starts catching on fire.

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