How to get a fire extinguishers bucket and make a bucket of fire: How to make your own

When you hear someone say, “Oh, I’ve got a fire hose,” you might think it’s a funny story, but it’s not.

And that’s because fire extinguishing a fire is actually a very complicated process that involves a lot of science.

The process starts with what you call the “fire hose,” which is essentially a hose that you can pull out of a fire.

That hose is then put into the bucket and filled with water.

Then, the water is pumped into the hose and the hose pushes the water out, which means that the hose will hold water until it can be drained.

In the end, the bucket will hold about 500 gallons of water.

Here’s a handy step-by-step tutorial on how to make a fire hoses fire extinguishor.

If you want more tips and tricks to making your own fire extinguishes, check out our list of the best DIY fire extinguishment items for 2018.

To make the fire extinguished hose, you’ll need:The fire hose that is the most commonly used by firefighters.

A hose with the right diameter.

If you’re new to firefighting, it can seem like a lot to make, but a good way to learn is to do it yourself.

Here are the basic steps:1.

Find a good fire extinguishable item, such as a hose or a bucket.

Make sure it’s large enough to fit in the hose.

If the hose is too small, the hose won’t work properly.2.

Cut the hose in half and cut off the ends.

You can find out which hose you have with this handy diagram on the website of the National Fire Protection Association.3.

Place the half-diameter hose in the bucket.4.

Fill the bucket about the same size as the hose with water and then pull it out.5.

Now, place the half of the hose back in the hole.6.

Repeat until all of the water has been drained.7.

If all of your water is drained, then turn off the fire hose and refill the bucket with fresh water.8.

You should now have a hose of fire extinguisant material that can be safely used in a firefight.

You may want to use it to put out a fire, too.9.

You’ll need to fill the hose again and again with water to make sure that it’s working properly.10.

After a few hours, the fire is under control and you can safely close the hose off.

If the hose isn’t working, you can always try making one yourself.

You will need a hose with a longer length, but don’t use a hose bigger than about an inch and a half.

Instead, you should try to make something that is just the right size for the hose to fit.

You don’t want a hose larger than the hose you use to make the other hose.

You could try a fire hydrant, which can be used to put water on a fire because the hose has a flexible design.

But don’t try to use a hydrating spray like the one in the photo above.

You might burn yourself.

Instead, try making something that’s just the size of the smaller hose you just made.

The reason you need a smaller hose is that it will make it easier to pull out the hose if it needs to be drained, so it will work better for a fire than a regular hose.

The tip here is to make it smaller and thinner so that you won’t need to make two separate hose pieces.

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