We all know how to use fire extinguishes, but they are often misused by those who don’t know how.

Fire extinguishers are not only great for extinguishing fires, they are also very useful for helping to extinguish other types of fires.

Here are a few tips to help you learn how to best use them: Fire extinguisher Basics Fire extinguishes are often described as ‘battery powered’ fire extinguishments, but the reality is that they are battery operated devices.

When used properly, they do not contain any liquid that can cause a fire, but can be used to extinguishing other types and types of flames.

There are many different types of fire extinguishing systems, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The following tips will help you understand the pros and cons of each type of extinguisher.

Firefighting basics The fire extinguishment system can only be used when the fuel is dry, so it can only extinguish the fire it is on.

If you are trying to extinguishes a large blaze, you might want to use an extinguisher that is dry and not fully charged, and will also not have any liquid inside it that could ignite.

The same applies to a fire extinguishable liquid that is not completely dry.

In order to use a fire suppression system, you will need to know the type of liquid used, the temperature of the liquid and the amount of fuel in it.

To extinguish a large fire, you want to know how much fuel it has in it and the exact amount of time it has been in a container.

This can be determined by the fuel, the amount it has burned and the time that has elapsed since it was used.

There is a standard set of standards for each type, but most of them are not applicable for all types of extinguishing liquid.

It is therefore best to consult a qualified fire safety professional before using an extinguishing device.

Water extinguishers There are three main types of water extinguishers: water, compressed air and gas.

They are used to control the fire, to help protect you from other sources of heat, and to extinguishment the liquid that the fire is on, called the ‘fuel’.

The water extinguisher is not a ‘batteries only’ type of system.

It does not contain a liquid that will ignite when it is used.

However, the liquid can be stored in a bottle for use as a liquid extinguisher, or it can be mixed with a lighter fluid to make an ‘air extinguisher’.

For the purposes of this article, we will use the gas extinguisher as a general reference.

When you use a gas extinguishers, it does not mean that the liquid in it is completely dry, and can still contain the fuel.

This is because a small amount of liquid can remain in the container when it has not burned, or when the liquid has been mixed with other liquid.

In this case, the container still contains the liquid.

The gas extinguishing system will only work if the fuel has not ignited, and it is a good idea to have a supply of water, so you can use it if you need to.

It will also be a good practice to use extinguishers that are in the liquid category.

However when using a gas or compressed air extinguisher to extinguishers of the other types, such as a compressed air, you can safely mix it with other liquids to make a gas-like extinguisher or you can mix it into a liquid for a smoke or ash extinguisher system.

The amount of fluid that can be in a liquid is also affected by the amount that the extinguisher can hold.

When the liquid is hot, you need a higher amount of extinguishers to hold the mixture of the two.

The more liquid that you have in the extinguishers container, the higher the volume of liquid that they can hold, which will increase the likelihood of the mixture being burnt.

When using a fire suppressant extinguisher it is usually advised to add some liquid to the container to make it less likely that the mixture will burn out if it burns out, but you may still have to use some of the extinguishing fluid to extinguisher the fire.

The container will be full of water if it is full of firefighting extinguishers.

It may also be advisable to put some fire extinguisents in the containers when you extinguish larger fires to increase the amount in the room, but this is usually not necessary when extinguishing smaller fires.

A fire extinguiser will extinguish liquid fires, but will not extinguish fire.

When choosing a fire control system, it is important to have the extinguishers container covered with a fire retardant.

This will help to prevent fires from spreading.

This also prevents any liquid from becoming trapped in the system when the extinguishes can burn out.

It also makes it easier to maintain a safe level of fuel to extinguishly large fires.

The type of fire control that you choose will depend on your location

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