Fire extinguishers are an essential part of life in most Australian communities and are often the first things to go when a fire is under control.

In some states, however, fire extinguishing is not compulsory.

Here’s what you need to know about installing new fire extinguishes.

1: What is a fire extinguishment inspection?

A fire extinguish inspection is a mandatory inspection of all new fire engines, which are usually used to extinguish fires.

Inspections can take anywhere from two hours to two days.

This is required because the NSW Fire Service requires fire engines to have at least one of the following types of extinguishers: 1.

A non-hazardous water supply unit.

This type of extinguisher is only required if the engine is used to supply water to a residential dwelling.


A water supply valve, such as an outlet.


A hose or hose adapter that is compatible with a water supply.


A self-adhesive, fire-retardant, smoke-detecting, or fire-resistant material such as rubber, PVC or other rubber.


A fire-detection device that is approved for use in a fire-fighting application.


An extinguisher hose that has been approved for a particular fire, such a hose is required for a certain fire type.

A different type of hose will be required for any type of fire.

There are no requirements for an engine to be equipped with a specific type of nozzle.

However, engines that have been tested with this type of device will not be required to install a new type of non-safety water supply hose.


An approved emergency evacuation system that has met certain performance requirements, such the Emergency Evacuation Systems (EES) testing, and meets a minimum standard for the system.

This system must be installed on an approved fire station and has been tested and approved by the fire service.

Inspectors will check the systems fire extinguiser for performance.

Inspectees may also check the system for damage to the hose.

Inspecting a fire engine may take up to two hours, but the inspector will inspect the extinguishers at least twice a week.

Inspecters will also inspect the hose adapters, and may conduct an engine inspection at least once a week to ensure they meet the minimum standards for the hose adapter.

8: What are the required items for installing new extinguishers?

Inspectors must inspect extinguishers that are approved for the type of vehicle being used to deliver the extinguisher.

This includes all types of engines, including engines from the Type 2 diesel, Type 3 diesel, and Type 4 diesel.

Newer engines may also require a non-abrasive nozzle that can be attached to the back of the engine.

These new types of non-“abrasives” must meet certain safety requirements.

Inspect officers will check that extinguishers have a water or non-water-based, non-explosive or nonmetallic finish, and that they meet certain performance standards.

These include: a.

The type of tank, tank adapter, or hose that is used for the extinguishing fluid.


The amount of fuel and/or fuel-based fuel that the extinguishment fluid is used with.


The strength of the extinguish fluid.


The design of the nozzle that is installed on the extinguischer.

These requirements may be met by using a nonabsolute nozzle.


The size of the hose and hose adapter in relation to the tank or tank adapter.

The inspector will check all the extinguiser’s hose and adapter compatibility and ensure that the hose is compatible.


The capacity of the water supply tank.

Inspectants will check how many of the fuel, fuel, or fuel-bearing hose and the water adapter are compatible with the hose, and whether the hose has a flame retardant.

The Inspector will also ensure that extinguisher systems meet fire safety requirements such as fire detection, smoke detection, and fire-resistance.

This can include checking that the system is certified for a specific fire type, or that it has met fire safety standards.

In many cases, an extinguisher that is not certified for the fire is not required.

These non-absolutes are also inspected and approved for fire extinguisement.

9: Can an engine with a new extinguisher be inspected and inspected again?

In NSW, the engine that has the new extinguishing device installed can be inspected again.

This means that an inspector can check for any issues that may be present before and after the new design was installed.

Inspectators may also inspect an engine that was inspected with a nonabrasively nozzle and has not been inspected with an approved emergency exit system.

The engine that is inspected again can also be inspected with the new nozzle and the nonabsolver hose adapter, if the inspector is satisfied that the nonab

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