Automatic fire extinguishers are a popular household gadget and a handy tool for keeping things running smoothly.

But how do you get the right kind of automatic fire in your home?

Here are 10 simple steps you can take to get the most out of your home’s automatic fire system.


Make sure your phone is properly secured.

If you’re planning to use an automatic fire alarm, make sure you have a good way to secure your phone before it goes into action.

There’s no such thing as a “perfect” fire alarm.

A lot of smart phones out there are prone to jamming, so the chances of your phone not working properly are pretty high.

You’ll need to use a third-party app to make sure your device is secure.

You can also get a dedicated smartphone app that can automatically connect your phone to your home Wi-Fi network.


Put your phone in a case.

If your phone’s already in a protective case, you can keep it secured with a thin sheet of metal.

The aluminum can help protect your phone from water damage.

If it’s not waterproof, consider getting a thicker plastic case.

This is important because if your phone has an embedded battery, water can cause it to short out.


Put a battery charger in the phone’s box.

Make a note of where you can find a power outlet and what it charges to.

If there’s no outlet, you might need to add a power adapter.

Make the connection between your phone and your charger in an easy-to-reach location.


Install a smartphone app.

A simple app can give you a quick way to connect your device to the home Wi.

Fi network while still allowing you to access the internet.

Check out our guide to smart home security apps for more ideas.


Install an app for home automation.

If the automatic fire has already started and you’re ready to take action, you need an app to turn your home into a “fire safe” or a “power plant.”

Check out this list of smart home apps to find a few that you like the most.


Add a smoke alarm.

When you’ve already started the automatic extinguisher and the smoke alarm has gone off, you don’t want to hear a ringing sound as you close the door.

You want to be able to hear the smoke signal even if you don ‘t have a smoke detector.

Check these options out.


Install and configure an alarm.

You may already have an alarm you can set up for your alarm system.

You could also install a separate alarm to allow your family to turn on an alarm that’s not yet connected to your system.

Or you could install an alarm system with a built-in alarm system to get alerted if your alarm goes off.


Add an automatic light switch.

This will give your automatic fire a nice, bright, glowing look.

Add it to your wall and you have yourself an automatic lighting system.


Make your home a “dry-room” for your smart home.

This includes making sure your dry-room is free from electrical outlets, so your kids won’t be able access their smart devices in the house.

It’s also a great way to save money if you plan to have an outdoor kitchen or a home theater setup in your house.

If an outside dry-cleaning service is included in your smart plan, it will have an automatic sprinkler system.


Add fire alarms in your basement or your basement and a fire sprinkler in your bedroom.

Make it easier for your kids to stay in the home by adding an automatic smoke alarm and a sprinkler to your basement.

You might also want to add an automatic lights switch to your bedroom to prevent smoke from escaping from your bedroom into the living room.

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