With so many new fires raging in the US, the question of which is more deadly has become a hotly debated topic.

And it is no secret that Americans have been debating this for years.

The truth is, both are equally dangerous, according to a new study.

But this study is the first to show that dogs are more likely to die in a house fire than people are.

The study, conducted by researchers from Stanford University, found that the number of dogs that were killed in a fire was about 25 percent higher in houses compared to the number in apartments, and the dog was 20 percent more likely than people to be killed in an accident.

And that doesn’t take into account the number that were injured in a crash.

So it’s not just that dogs kill people in the house, it’s also that dogs aren’t safe from accidents in cars, says study co-author Mark Kates, a professor of public health at Stanford University.

When a dog dies in a car crash, the driver’s blood can be splashed across the dashboard.

And the car will almost certainly be covered in the spilled blood, leaving the driver vulnerable to a second or third accident, Kates says.

This is a deadly combination.

Kates and his colleagues looked at data from a nationwide survey of dog owners.

They looked at the number and types of injuries that dogs sustained in each of the incidents in each year between 2004 and 2013, and then they used that information to create a probability density function.

This metric looks at the likelihood that a particular type of injury will occur in a given situation, and how much the injury would be expected to contribute to the death of the animal.

The probability density value for each dog type is about 30 percent, Kamps says.

“The number of fatalities per 100,000 dogs is not an accurate representation of the number who die in crashes,” he says.

But, “we can say that a dog that has sustained a fatal injury is a dog who is more likely or less likely to be in a fatal crash than a dog without a fatal accident,” he adds.

So, if you think about it, dogs aren and have always been the safest animals for humans to keep on the road.

And even if you do have a dog, it may not be safe for you to drive on the highway in the winter, because of snow and ice.

That’s a real issue that many people don’t think about, Krates says.

There’s also a danger with cars.

There are a number of studies that have shown that there’s a higher chance of death when a car is involved in a collision with a dog than a person.

But if you’re driving a car and the driver is in a position to stop the car, they’re going to be more likely in a wreck than the dog is, Kades says.

In the past, people have often been reluctant to say that dogs were more dangerous than people.

But Kamps and his co-authors found that in the study, “a substantial number of people actually said that dogs should be more dangerous,” Kates said.

“In fact, almost two-thirds of people said dogs were safer than humans, compared to only 12 percent of people who said dogs should have a lower risk.”

Kates points out that there are many other factors that contribute to an increase in the number or type of injuries to dogs, such as driving under the influence, poor food handling and overzealous owners.

And while the study looked at dog deaths from cars, it does not account for people who get hurt in accidents, such a crash in a vehicle or when a dog jumps on the roof of a car.

So the authors of the study are not saying that dogs shouldn’t be allowed on the roads.

“There’s a lot of things that people don, I think, are hesitant to say about dogs,” Kamps said.

But when it comes to a dog’s life, they say, “They’re going be a part of our future.”

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