It’s been a busy summer for the Badger fire.

As of Wednesday, the blaze had already destroyed more than 5,500 acres.

But that doesn’t mean the fires aren’t hot.

The flames are getting hot and dry.

It’s getting humid, and the humidity is making it impossible for firefighters to safely work, said Badger Fire Chief Matt Ruhle.

Ruhle said it’s not the worst thing that has happened in Badger County since June of last year.

The fire started when a badger fell through a grate and caught fire.

A total of 5,300 acres have burned since then.

Badger is the fifth-largest fire in the state, and Ruhles said it could be the largest in the U.S. Badgers are known for their wildflowers.

They also have a habit of destroying anything they can catch.

“You don’t want to go down that road,” he said.

But Ruhls worries that the fire will be much hotter this summer.

It’s the perfect storm, he said, as hot and humid as it is.

“It’s going to be an uphill battle.

It really is,” he warned.

“It’s just going to get worse.”

Ruzes fire department has been working to contain the flames.

He said the fire is still very active.

Badger County officials have also released a new list of hazardous materials to help residents and businesses prepare for the wildfire.

Those include:Firefighting equipment, firefighting equipment that has been damaged or destroyed, water, water and fuel, fuel, water supply, water distribution, gasoline, and cooking oil.

There are also instructions for anyone who is worried about their pet to call 911 immediately.

For the Badgers, this is a dangerous time to be out.

The fire is not just about the fire itself, but also the destruction it has caused.

It is the worst fire in a generation.

It will take a long time to rebuild.

Badging has been an annual event since 2006.

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