The most popular fire extinguishing products on are not all the best for your house, according to a new study by a Canadian company.

The study looked at how popular firefighting products in Canada were in 2016, when the country was hit by the deadliest fire in its history.

The findings suggest some of the products are simply not up to the job.

“I would say there’s definitely a lack of quality and value,” said Paul Knaus, chief executive of FireBuddy, an online company that sells products to consumers to help them deal with dangerous situations.

Knaus said he was surprised to find that some products had such a low market share.

“There are products that are clearly great for their intended purpose, but they just don’t sell well,” he said.

Firefighting products sold on Amazon have a market share of 2.8 per cent, according the company’s website, while the average consumer pays $9.49 for a FireBuddys product.

That is lower than the U.S. where the average cost of a FireDog, a brand of Firefighting foam, is $23.95.

But Knauses said that was because most products were available at lower prices than in Canada.

He said the lack of high-quality products in the market may be part of the problem.

“It’s a real shame.

If there were a real market for these products, we’d see a lot more competition,” he told CBC News.”

We’ve got a very low number of available fire extinguishes, but we’ve got some of them at a much higher price point, and they’re all the same.”

Firefighters in the U, UK and the U of A are getting ready to respond to fires in a bid to save lives, while many people in Canada, Australia and New Zealand have access to extinguishing equipment.

A fire extinguish is an adhesive-backed, flexible foam that can be used to remove a fire from a room or a vehicle.

But when heated, it can cause serious burns if not handled properly.

A typical FireBully can hold about 1,000 litres, which is equal to roughly half a bucket of water.

The company recommends using an external hose to extinguish fires, rather than a nozzle, as the foam can get stuck in the hose if it’s too hot.

It also says you can use a brush to blow the foam out of the way.

The foam is made of an oily substance that can burn if not treated properly, and can also be flammable.

In addition, Knauss said many of the extinguishing methods on the market are unsafe, and are often not as effective as they claim.

“Some people are putting the foam inside of their mouth, and the foam comes out and it’s not going to be able to be burned,” he explained.

“Other people are using it as a flammant, and it burns.

And that’s a bad idea.”

Firefighting companies have warned that their products are not the best option for dealing with fires.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement that fire extinguishment has been an important part of its firefighting efforts for decades.

“The most common products sold by FireBuds are not recommended for the prevention of fire, but can be effective in extinguishing fires,” the statement read.

“These products are generally less effective than traditional methods of firefighting, and should be avoided.”

Knauses has a list of other popular products on his website that also have been found to be ineffective.

He also points out that while the United States is facing a deadly fire season, Canada is still recovering from the Great Flood of 2015.

“So the best way to deal with fires is to protect yourself and others, and I don’t think there’s a shortage of products that can do that,” he added.

A report by the Canadian Association of Fire Fighters found that there are about 1.1 million firefighters in Canada who are equipped with a fire extinguiser.

That is a number that is expected to increase in the coming months, as more and more people return to work after being evacuated.

Firefighters say the increased use of fire extinguisers is having a positive impact on their work and reducing the number of people injured by fire.

“Our fire department, for example, is up to 30 per cent more effective than it was a few years ago,” said Knaaus.

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