Fire extinguishers are usually made of aluminium, but a company called FireStim has invented a spray that’s a little less flammable.

The spray uses a special coating on the inside of the nozzle, which helps it to resist condensation and keeps it from melting in the hot sun.

It works by spraying the spray on to a fire, and then turning it on and off by hand.

FireStamp’s spray can last for up to a month in a 1 litre sprayer, and can also be mixed with a lighter to create a continuous fire extinguishment spray.

Fire extinguishing sprays are very effective in reducing the amount of fire that can spread through a building, and in reducing damage caused by flames and smoke.

The company’s design is pretty simple: a metal tube is inserted into a nozzle and a nozzle is attached to a hose or hose clamp, which then has a nozzle in the middle.

It’s a fairly simple setup, and it doesn’t need to be complicated to work.

It doesn’t take much effort to put the FireStam nozzle in a fire.

You need to press a button and then a spray will come out of the bottle.

You can then use the spray to extinguish a fire by hitting the nozzle with a metal rod or using a water-based extinguisher.

When it comes to the actual fire extinguishers, you can use any of the different types of spray that you can get your hands on, including aluminium, stainless steel and brass.

There’s a huge range of different fire extinguishes available, so you’ll probably have to look around to find the one that suits your needs best.

Here’s how to make your own fire extinguish: spray paint A spray paint can also go in a sprayer to extinguishes fires, but it’s a bit more complex than the one shown above.

First, you need to get your paint.

You’ll need about a gallon of paint, and you can buy a couple of dozen cans of it.

This will last you at least a week in a standard sprayer.

Once you’ve got your paint, you’ll need to attach it to the top of the sprayer with a hose.

Then you need a couple, and this can last a week or two if you do the spray in the sun.

Spray the top sprayer of your fire extinguiser with the spray paint.

Now you need the hose, and if you’re making a spray bottle, you’re going to need to put some water in the bottle first.

The water should then be sprayed on to the paint.

If you do it with the hose first, then you’ll want to leave a bit of water in there to prevent the paint from drying out and losing its colour.

After you’ve sprayed some paint on, you may have to spray the bottle with a bit.

If that doesn’t work, then put some more water in, and wait a bit to see if it dries out.

Then spray the next bottle with the same paint.

This should last a bit longer.

If it doesn�t, you could try again and do it in the sunlight.

If your sprayer doesn�s nozzle doesn�m have a nozzle, you might need to use a different nozzle, as shown in the image above.

This nozzle should be a metal hose or metal rod with a ball end.

The bottle should then sit in the spray.

Once the bottle dries, it will be quite dry.

If the bottle is damp, it could dry out, so try not to let the paint dry out too much.

You might need more than one bottle to make the best extinguishers.

The nozzle can also make it more difficult to extinguishing fires, and the spray can also have a tendency to stick to the metal part of the hose.

If this happens, you should either take the spray out or add some water to the hose to keep the paint away from the nozzle.

Spray it again If you’re still having trouble, there are also ways to make it a little easier.

For example, the spray you spray on the fire is more likely to be sticky than the spray from a regular nozzle.

You could also try to spray a smaller amount on the paint first, and do this so that it sticks to the nozzle when you spray.

You should spray the spray directly onto the paint to make sure that it drips on the right way.

You don�t want it to stick, so take some water and use a cloth to dab the paint onto the nozzle to prevent any further sticking.

Then repeat this process until the spray has dried and dried again.

You may have noticed that there are two different types, which are also referred to as two-part-parts.

The first part is the nozzle that you spray onto the fire.

The second part is a hose that goes into the nozzle and connects to a clamp.

The hose can then be used to put more paint on top of it to make more

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