In case you’re wondering how much you’ll pay to get your hands on one of these, we’ve put together this handy primer for your quick and dirty DIY project. 

The BasicsFirst things first, make sure you have the right size hose. 

I personally have a small 12″ diameter hose, but you can find them online. 

Then, drill a 1/4″ hole in the end of the hose and place the hose into the bucket. 

Use a 2″ diameter socket to attach the hose to the bucket, but don’t worry if you have to bend it to fit. 

Now, take a piece of cardboard and place it on top of the bucket and place a piece under the bucket with the nozzle pointing toward the bucket’s end. 

It should look like this: You’ll need to trim the cardboard down to make it fit snugly. 

Place the nozzle on the cardboard and then slide the nozzle over the side of the nozzle and attach it to the other end of a piece you cut out of the cardboard. 

You should end up with something like this when you’re done: This looks a little messy at first, but the nozzle is the key to making this work. 

Make sure to test the nozzle first before you go ahead and attach the other piece to the nozzle. 

Here’s what it looks like after attaching the other side: Once you’ve attached the nozzle to the bottom of the foam, make a cut in the foam and then attach it back to the hose.

Here’s the end result after attaching it back: Attach the hose end of your fire extinguishers to the side with the cardboard piece, and make a mark on the foam where the nozzle will be attached. 

With the foam on the side that the nozzle sits on, trace out the location where you want to attach it. 

Put a piece on top and then trace it in place. 

If you make this mistake, you can attach the nozzle onto the other foam piece. 

Attach it to one of the pieces of cardboard, and then place the other nozzle on top. 

This should look something like the following: Now that the foam is attached, you should make a marking on the opposite side of your foam that will tell the nozzle where to attach. 

Take a piece and trace it. 

 Now you should have two marking strips: one for each side of you. 

Trace the marks on one strip and then the mark on one side of each piece of foam and you should be done! 

If the foam doesn’t match up, you might have to add more foam to make the nozzle fit.

How to Make a Decorative Fire Extenser (Decorative Fire extinguisher) You can also make a fire extinguishing foam piece out of cardboard. 

 If you don’t have a cardboard piece to work with, this will work for you.

You’ll need a 2′ diameter plastic bucket with a 1-1/4 inch diameter nozzle.

Cut out a piece with a 3/8″ hole, attach it with a 2-1-/4 hole, and attach to the back of a large sheet of cardboard with a 4-1 1/2″ diameter nozzle, and mark a hole in both sides. 

For the foam to fit snug, you’ll need the foam cut to a 2:1 ratio with the top and bottom of it, and you’ll want to add an extra 1/8 inch of foam to the top of each corner of the piece to help prevent the foam from falling out. 

Once the pieces are all cut, you need to drill a small hole in each piece to attach them. 

Next, attach the foam piece to a piece that’s cut from the bottom up. 

Mark the bottom and bottom corners of the top piece and attach them to the foam. 

Invert the foam pieces and put them on top so that they’re aligned. 

At this point, you may want to remove the foam part so that you can remove the cardboard part. 

Do this and then put the cardboard back on top to attach both pieces to the plastic bucket.

You should end with this:

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