NEW YORK — The man who wrote The Art of the Deal, the classic that sold a million copies, is no longer with us.

That book, the man says, has become a legend.

It has become the bible of the New York City real estate business.

The man, who would only give his first name, said the book was about getting out of a fire.

He said he would go into it, if he had to, every day of his life.

The author, who was once the chairman of the brokerage firm HKS Real Estate, says he has had many friends and neighbors die in fires, and he has learned to never give up.

“I have learned to stay in this game,” he said.

The book has been described by New York magazine as one of the best selling books of all time, and it has become so popular that it has been translated into more than 30 languages, including French.

The story is set in a world in which real estate agents are hired by real estate companies to go into neighborhoods and sell real estate to buyers, with the promise of being compensated for the work they do.

“You can’t just call it a story.

You can’t call it real life,” said the author, now 66.

“It’s a very real life.

It’s a real life where you have to be careful what you do, you have some kind of responsibility for your actions.”

The book’s premise is that real estate can be a dangerous business.

It is set during the Great Depression and follows the lives of real estate brokers who are trying to get their clients to sell their homes.

The characters are all real people, but the story is fictional, with fictional characters doing real things.

The real estate industry in New York is booming.

Real estate agents make about $100,000 a year, but some real estate professionals make $150,000 or more, according to the real estate brokerage firm Hudson Bay.

The books sales have exploded, and real estate has become an incredibly lucrative industry, with sales totaling $1.8 trillion in 2015, according the brokerage industry trade group, RealtyTrac.

“The real estate world is the biggest business in the country, and we have a lot of good people,” said Jim O’Brien, the founder of Hudson Bay Realty, who says he knows of at least one real estate broker who made over $100 million last year.

The business is also booming.

The market is booming because people are desperate for real estate, O’Connor said.

“This is a business where people are making money, but they are desperate.

They are desperate to get into the real world, and they want to live their life, not work their way out of debt.”

O’Brien said the business is changing and he believes that in the next five years, the real-estate market is going to explode.

He expects that in 10 years, people will not need to pay a mortgage.

The biggest challenge, he said, is that the real economy in New Jersey is doing well and is doing much better than it was during the recession, which was the worst in American history.

O’Sullivan, who founded Hudson Bay in 1982, said that the book has changed his life and that it was one of his major inspirations.

“My mother used to come up and buy a home in Queens,” he told New York’s WCBS-TV.

“That was a great book.

I’ve learned a lot from it.

The art of the deal has changed my life.”

OjSullivan, whose real- estate brokerage was known for the quality of the real homes it sold, said he wanted to make the book available to the public.

“If you buy a house, you don’t have to worry about your mortgage payments, and you can do whatever you want to do,” he explained.

“And this book is one of my major inspirators.”

The real-life story of the book, he added, is about real estate.

Oj Sullivan, who lives in Queens, says it changed his family.

“When we got this book out, my family was like, ‘Oh my God, this is real life,'” he said on the radio show “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“And it has really changed our lives and made us who we are, and that is real.”

OJ Sullivan has been in real estate for 23 years and says he will never sell his house again.

“What I do in real life is not real life, it’s the real life I’ve been living in, and I love it,” he added.

“We’re all just so thankful to have this book and to have been a part of it.

This is the realest thing.”

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