Fire extinguishers are a key part of any modern fire safety system.

In the United States, a standard fire extinguishing system consists of three main components: a portable, handheld extinguisher (usually a handheld gas tank), and an air-cooled, high-pressure air compressor (HPA).

Fire extinguishing systems also need to have a safety system that can identify the type of air-conditioning and how it should be configured.

A fire extinguish unit is basically a combination of a handheld extinguishers and a fire suppression system.

For example, the American Fire Suppression Association recommends that the handheld extinguishes should be the first units in the line of fire.

Other companies may also recommend that the extinguishers be placed on the ground or a stand.

The goal of a fire extinguishment system is to identify the cause of a blaze, protect the people in the immediate vicinity, and protect the property of the owner.

In addition, the system should have an adequate amount of energy to be able to save the property owner or property of others from the blaze.

In order to provide adequate protection and save property from fire, a fire department should have a range of options for extinguishing a fire.

Some departments have a policy that allows the use of extinguishers that are not designed to be used in the most direct location.

These policies are often known as “fire-extinguishing” policies.

This policy may also include an alternative policy that has the extinguisher be placed at an angle away from the source of the fire.

The American Fire Extinguisher Association (AFEA) has a standard for extinguishers, and it requires that the unit be placed where it will be easiest to extinguish the fire with minimal impact to the property.

The standard requires that an extinguisher extinguisher should not be placed close to the source, and that it should not touch the fire at all.

Some companies have developed policies that do not require extinguishers to be placed closer to the fire, but do require extinguishing the fire using a fire-extending hose, a hose that is designed to have the extinguishing capability of more than 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi).

In addition to the extinguishment policy, the AFEA also has rules for air conditioning systems.

The AFEAs standard for air-con is designed for units that are located on floors, where the extinguisher has the capability to be installed in a safe and efficient manner.

In contrast, the air-colder standard for an air conditioner is designed so that the air conditioners can be installed close to where the fire is happening.

These two standards are designed to prevent the use, placement, and use of a extinguisher that is not designed for use in a fire situation.

The air-cond standards require the extinguiser to be attached to a fire containment hose and to be maintained in an airtight container for at least one hour before being removed from the fire and allowed to cool.

In general, the higher the temperature of the air in the extinguishable container, the more likely it is that the water will freeze or thaw.

This can result in the loss of the extinguitable extinguisher and may lead to a dangerous or even life-threatening condition.

To ensure that extinguishers have the best possible ability to extinguishes fires, a system should include a range for extinguishment of air in accordance with the AFFSA standards.

The maximum allowable extinguishing temperature for extinguishes in the air system is 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (538 degrees Celsius), which is one degree above ambient temperature.

The higher the fire temperature, the greater the risk of freezing of the contents.

This also means that the system must be designed to contain the extinguishement temperature in a temperature-controlled container that is maintained at a temperature of at least 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit or below for at leas t.

The amount of fire-fighting energy that the fire extinguishing system can provide depends on the type and location of the source and the type, type, and location or type and type of hose used.

The most common type of extinguisher used in modern firefighting systems is a portable HPA-type system that is mounted on a tripod.

HPA stands for high-precision air.

HPS stands for heat spread resistance.

A HPA system has an air pressure of about 1,300 psi.

A high-powered HPA hose has a maximum air pressure around 2,500 psi.

HPs are ideal for small fires because they are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

However, these systems require a large amount of maintenance and training, and are also subject to increased fire risk.

HPM stands for mid-power air.

These are high-power HPA systems that are mounted on the tip of a small air tank, or HTA, that is used to carry the water for a firefighting hose.

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