With more than 20 fires across Australia, the latest ABC News Money program has taken a closer look at which ones should you buy and how much you’ll pay.

1:05 The latest oil fires The most expensive fires to repair are the massive fires that have scorched more than 200,000 hectares of land across the country.

But the number of fires has fallen from more than 10,000 in 2014 to less than 700 this year.

The average price per square metre of land burnt was $1.20 in January, according to the Australian Institute of Environmental Studies.

The biggest costliest fires are in Queensland, with the most expensive costing $6 million.

The latest price per acre is $2.5 million in Victoria, which is the most costlier of all states.

Most fires are caused by a combination of high temperatures and low humidity, so most of the fires are likely to be caused by bushfires.

But bushfires are becoming more common as more people have moved to cities and have started to turn their backs on bushfires to avoid damage.

There have been more than 50 major fires in Victoria in 2016, according the Bureau of Meteorology.

The most expensive oil fire The biggest fire is the $9.3 million fire at the refinery in Wimmera, north of Sydney.

Burned out: The refinery is the biggest fire in Victoria and the third biggest fire to have caused damage in the state.

The refinery’s owner, refinery giant Petrobras, has set up a $1 million fund to help families affected by the fire and the refinery has been donating $100,000 to help with costs.

What’s the price?

The most costly oil fire is in Womera, which has the highest cost of $9 million.

It is believed the fire burned for a little over 24 hours before being contained.

The fire cost $2 million to extinguish and the main contractor spent more than $1,500 on firefighting equipment.

Petrobros said the refinery had taken the “largest fire of its type” and was “committed to restoring the facility”.

It also set up the Wimmeras Disaster Relief Fund.

In Victoria, the most costly fire is at the Chevron refinery in the Southern Highlands.

The blaze broke out on March 9, and Chevron is paying for $1million in repairs.

Chevron said it had spent $1m on fire suppression equipment and would donate $100k to the fire relief fund.

How much do I pay?

The biggest price tag is for the most serious fires, which can be expensive.

The most destructive fires are the $14 million fire in Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef and $2 billion fire in New South Wales.

Fire suppression equipment costs more in Queensland than the state as a whole.

A fire in the Great Barrier reef caused $7.8 million in damage, while the largest fire, which burned for almost a week, cost $6.7 million.

Fires cost more in Victoria than anywhere else in Australia, with almost all fires costing more than the average cost of living.

Where do I get help?

The Great Barrier and Inner Great Barrier reefs have seen more fires this year than in any other year.

More than 300 fires have burnt across the reef since March, and the fires have spread to about 80 per cent of the Great Australian Bight.

In Queensland, the largest fires have been in the Queensland and the Northern Rivers, which are home to more than 500 species of fish.

There has also been a spike in the number fire crews in the northern part of the state, which have been called to fight more fires.

Other places with the highest price tags are the Great Ocean Road and Great Barrier Highway, which cover more than 250,000 square kilometres and include the Great Sandbar.

There are also fires in the Northern Territory and the Kimberley region, where a total of 461 fires have burned.

More than 20 other fires are also under investigation.

Who pays for it?

Fire services across Victoria and Queensland are being hit with the costs of the major fires.

Roads, ferries and bushland are among the most heavily affected, with a total loss of $11.4 million.

Roads and ferries are the most affected, accounting for almost half of the $6 billion in losses.

Buses are the second most affected in Victoria at $1 billion.

Fire suppression equipment, like water pumps and hose, is also the biggest expense.

Trucks are the third most expensive in Victoria with an average cost $3.8m.

Airports have seen the most major fires, costing an average of $5.4m.

The number of major fires on Australian airports has risen by almost 60 per cent from 1,065 in 2014.

Oil fires cost more than anywhere in Australia Source: ABC News ($m) Bureau of Meteorological Services ($m, 2014-

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