The world’s first fire extinguishing water dispenser was developed by a company in California in 1949.

It was also a classic example of the idea that a simple, efficient, and safe device can be applied to all kinds of environments.

The fire extinguishable water dispensers are now a staple of most homes and businesses in the United States, and the industry is expected to grow more than 80 percent in the next few years.

The technology has become so ubiquitous that it is now considered a common-sense, cost-effective, and widely available technology that is widely available and cheap to use.

But the concept is hardly a new one.

The first fire-extinguishing water bottle was developed in 1774 by the German chemist Johannes Buhle in Hamburg, Germany.

The bottle was designed to extinguish the flames of a fire in a room, a common situation in cities and villages around the world.

The concept was adapted for use in homes, and it was a common practice to carry the bottle around with you at all times.

The Buhles bottle was invented in 1876.

In 1919, the inventor James J. D. Watson patented his first artificial fire extinguishant in the same year.

The patent was awarded to the American inventor George A. Moore, but his patent was later overturned by the United Nations International Court of Justice, which said it was not patentable.

In 1929, Watson patented an artificial fire-suppressing system that allowed a single person to extinguishes a fire at home with one of the first water bottles.

That patent was granted to Robert A. Smith, Jr., who designed the first practical fire-proof water bottle in the U.S. in 1941.

In the 1950s, the idea of water dispensing was used by many corporations in the automotive industry, where engineers would often create fire-fighting systems that were based on the Buhl-Smith bottle.

These systems required the use of fire extinguishes to prevent fire from spreading, but they also required the dispensing of water, which was often a costly and time-consuming process.

A fire extinguishment system designed by Joseph H. Leighton in 1951, which is still in use today, is credited with the first successful use of water to extinguishing a fire.

The Leighton-designed fire-resistant water bottle system, which cost about $100, used a plastic tubing and a special nozzle to provide heat.

This allowed the user to easily remove the bottle from the fire.

In order to use this system, the bottle had to be removed from the hose when the fire was under control.

This is the type of system that can be found in most modern commercial-appliance fires and can be operated by any one of about 1,600 different brands of fire-retardant products.

The concept of using fire extinguizers to prevent fires from spreading is not new.

But it has become more widely used in recent years as an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to other solutions, including using a hand-held sprinkler.

According to the Fire Safety Council of the U, the most common causes of fires are electrical fires, smoke inhalation, and other non-flammable items.

According the Fire Protection Association of America, fires have also been responsible for a large number of deaths, including the loss of hundreds of thousands of life-threatening firefighters.

In addition, there has been increasing interest in the fire-resistance properties of water as an alternative to traditional fire extinguisers, and companies have been looking for a way to create more affordable, and less-expensive, alternatives to fire-repellent products.

According a recent survey by the Water Resources Institute, more than 3,000 water companies in the US, including large corporations, are using fire-prevention technologies, including fire-absorbing systems.

The technology that has made the most rapid advance in the development of fireproof water dispensors is the use and adoption of the thermostatically controlled thermoset, or TEC-1.

A thermosette is a unit of mass that heats water in a small container, and is often referred to as a thermoseter.

The thermoseteer is a compact, self-contained unit that contains a large amount of heat and water, and allows it to heat and cool water quickly without burning.

A TEC1 can be made of various materials, and thermosets are used in a wide variety of applications, from washing machines to refrigerators.

The invention of the TEC2 has helped to revolutionize the way water dispensants operate.

In the late 1960s, TECs were used to cool down industrial hot water and the water used to manufacture the water in most households.

In 1978, however, a thermo-doubling device was invented, and this allowed water to be cooled to a level of one million degrees Fahrenheit without overheating.

Thermo-Doubling is a therm

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