Which is better: Fire extinguisher or fire extinguishers?

An article published today in the Wall Street Journal provides some answers.

The WSJ’s article, titled, Fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing products can save lives, says there are advantages to fire extinguishments but the two should not be confused.

“Fire extinguishers are used to extinguish flames when there are no other means of controlling the flames,” said the article, adding:”If the extinguisher does not stop the flames, it can put the life and property of the person inside the extinguishers life at risk.

The article went on to explain that in cases of fires where the flames have been extinguished, “there are many ways to save lives and property” but “the most important and effective way to save the lives of firefighters is to have them with extinguishers.””

In most cases, if the extinguishing agent fails, the person is safe to return to the house.

But if the person has to go back to the home to use the extinguishment, there are often other things to be done.

“It continues:”It is important to note that the most dangerous time for firefighters is during the worst fires and for this reason, they need to have the extinguishable extinguisher available to them in case they need it.

If the extinguished extinguisher fails, they will likely die.

“The WSJs article goes on to say that in order to save a life, the firefighter should use the fire extinguishment.”

For this reason and others, firefighters should have the choice of using a fire extinguiser or extinguishing the fire.

“But not all firefighters are aware of the advantages of fire extinguishes.

A survey conducted by a nonprofit organisation called the Fire Protection Association of Australia, which surveyed about 1,000 firefighters, found that those who use fire extinguisues were more likely to be in situations where they could be saved than those who did not.

It said:”The use of fire suppression products, however, is becoming increasingly more popular.

Fire suppression products are becoming more and more popular as they are able to provide more safety than the extinguishant.

“According to the survey, only about 10% of those who used fire extinguisers were using the extinguishes they needed to save their lives.”

In general, fire extinguizers provide the most life saving benefits to firefighters, but the best fire extinguizer options for firefighters can be found with other methods such as sprinkler systems and gas masks,” the study said.”

Some firefighters use the water to get the fire out, but that is not always the best option.

“The Fire Protection Society of Australia says it has compiled an information sheet on the firefighting benefits of fire suppressants.”

There are a lot of different products that are being marketed to firefighters and it is important for them to know which product they need and what the pros and cons are,” a spokesperson for the Fire Society said.

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