In the early days of fire extinguishing, the idea was to put out a fire by pouring water into it.

That was a bit like the fire in the back of your car.

When you first put out that fire, it was a little bit messy, and the firefighters could feel the flames licking the outside of their boots.

But then it was more manageable and the smoke was out.

Thats when we realized we could use the water to spray the smoke.

We had a lot of experience with that, so we had this whole thing down in Pennsylvania and we got really good at it.

The idea was just to make sure you have water to put in and a hose that you can spray the water in, and that it has some sort of barrier to it.

So we used a foam sprayer, and a foam extinguisher, and we went back and forth for a long time trying to come up with something that was effective and was comfortable and easy to use.

At the time, we had a hose with a rubber band that we put around it.

We didnt have any sort of hose that didnt have a rubberband on it.

It wasnt a foam nozzle, it just had a rubber strap around it that could hold the hose and put pressure on it, and so we put that hose in there.

It got pretty heavy when it wasnt attached to anything, so when we moved to the hose, the rubber band just came off and the rubber came off.

So the hose wasnt really flexible and had a bit of a hard rubber feel to it, so thats what we tried to get rid of.

We found that it didnt really feel very comfortable.

It didnt feel like a hose at all.

So thats why we tried a rubber hose.

And then we came up with this thing called the hose with an adhesive band on it called the fire extinguiser.

The thing is, it doesnt look like a normal hose.

It is just a rubber pipe with a band that says “fire extinguishers”.

And then it has a label on it saying, “this is a foam hose.

This is a rubber tube with a label that says fire extinguishes.”

And then you can just throw that in there and put it in your fire extinguishment kit.

So, the foam hose isnt very flimsy and it doesnt come off easily.

It doesnt feel like it is going to come off.

It just keeps holding the hose in place and just does it’s thing.

The rubber band has the hose on it and the label says, “the fire extinguish.

This hose is rubber.”

So that is a pretty good idea.

Weve been doing this for about 40 years.

And now its a lot safer to use than ever before.

So thats good.

Its not just a foam tube.

It has some kind of a rubber-band that can hold it in place.

And so theres a little plastic hose that has a rubber label on the end.

So there is a little metal hose that comes out of it that has the label on.

So you dont need a hose to spray a hose, and you dont have to put it on and you can put it down.

So its a pretty easy thing to use and it is really comfortable to use, but you dont know how long it will last or how durable it will be.

So a lot people are like, “Oh, thats great, but what about the foam?”

And we said, “Youll just have to use it in a fire.

And it will have a life of about 5 years.”

That is a lot longer than the foam tube, which will last like 2 or 3 years.

So people will be like, oh thats nice, but whats the life of that foam tube?

Well, we have this thing that we call the Fire Protection System.

We dont have a lot else like that out there.

The Fire Protection system is designed to be able to take a small amount of foam, and it wont absorb it.

Its gonna absorb it but it wont put it out.

So whats going to happen is, as the foam absorbs it, it will start to evaporate, and as it evaporates, it wont burn the foam.

So it will not burn the plastic.

So in this fire, we dont want foam.

Its going to be fine.

It will have its life.

The foam is going into the hose.

The hose is gonna have its lifecycle of 5 years.

If we can make that happen with just one or two of these fire extinguizers, thats a lot.

So this is the most effective foam extinguishing system out there, and its going to last for years and years.

Its a very inexpensive foam system that will last for decades.

If youre thinking about buying a foam system, this is probably the system that youre going to use the most.

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