Here’s a Fire Extinguisher Symbol That Means ‘You Don’t Have To Die’

If you were ever tempted to call the badger fire hose an extinguisher (or at least a fire extinguishing device), don’t.

This badger has two main parts.

The first is the handle.

It’s a bit like a broom handle, except it can only be used to fire the hose.

The second part is the flame.

The badger is a fire-breathing insect, and it has the flame part of its body.

But, unlike the rest of the badgers, it doesn’t have to breath, it just has to be lit up.

The name badger means “badger” in English, and its meaning is the same as “bad,” or “bad luck.”

The badgers name came about in the late 1800s.

Its a reference to the bad luck of the horse.

So, the name badgers origin story has two parts: its the name for the animal that has the bad, bad luck, and a bad fate, which is something that badgers have.

So it’s a very interesting and weird name for a fire hose.

It also means “you don’t have have to die.”

You could call it a fire suppressant.

But in the US, you would call it something else.

But that would be incorrect, since that is the US name for it, as well.

And that would mean that the badges name comes from a different source than the US.

It comes from the English word “badgers,” which means “fungus that lives in the soil.”

It’s not that bad.

So why is the badged name a misnomer?

The badged names origin story is just an example of how misnaming can lead to confusion.

We can imagine this is how misnamed animals come to be called “bad” and “bad animals.”

They can be misnamed because they’re not good or bad, but we still have to make an assumption that these animals are real and are bad.

But we don’t really know.

And it can also lead to miscommunication.

So let’s get to that misnamig.

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