Democrats are warning that they’ll take their own Senate version of a repeal bill — with the added wrinkle of not having the votes to pass it — if it passes the House.

House Democrats are threatening to move on with the legislation without the votes from Republicans to fund ObamaCare even though their leadership says they’ll use the House as a vehicle to push the measure through the Senate.

That comes after the House voted Monday to extend a government funding measure for three months, the longest such extension in nearly a decade.

Senate Republicans say they plan to move to a vote on the House bill after they wrap up work on a revised version of the measure.

The Senate has already passed a version of their plan to fund the government through the end of March, but that bill will likely be vetoed by President Donald Trump if it is not fully funded.

“This bill is a sham.

It is a fraud.

It’s an abuse of power.

And it’s a massive waste of taxpayer dollars.

And if the Senate does not act, then I will hold a vote to put a stop to this,” Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) said in a statement.

“The president’s threat to veto this bill should serve as a warning to other House Republicans and to the Senate, not a reason to continue this dangerous, wasteful, and irresponsible bill.”

Sen. Joe Manchin (D -WV) said he’s prepared to vote for the House-passed version of ObamaCare repeal if it gets to the floor for a vote.

But if the House does not pass it, he said, “we will not take it up.”

Rep. Frank Pallone (D –N.J.) on Sunday said he won’t vote for a House-backed version of repeal unless it contains enough GOP support to pass.

But Sen. Tom Cotton (R –AR) said the House is “not the only place where the Senate is not a good fit.”


John Lewis (D–Ga.) and Raul Grijalva (D —AZ) said they will not vote for repeal unless there is a Democratic Senate majority.

Democrats, however, have said that they expect to have enough support in the Senate to pass their own repeal measure by March 31.

Republicans said they expect the Senate will pass the House version by mid-March.

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